<![CDATA[Cup & Trine - Cup & Trine Blog]]>Mon, 28 Dec 2015 21:20:47 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Sun Moving into Pisces]]>Wed, 19 Feb 2014 01:08:42 GMThttp://cupandtrineastrology.weebly.com/cup--trine-blog/sun-moving-into-piscesThe Sun moved into Pisces today! Put aside your Aquarian lab coat and don a smock and beret. Altruistic feelings abound and the muse is making her rounds. Just beware of illusory situations and escapist tendencies, and inspiration should be coming your way. ]]><![CDATA[Take the Pluto Test]]>Mon, 17 Feb 2014 03:21:41 GMThttp://cupandtrineastrology.weebly.com/cup--trine-blog/take-the-pluto-test Wow, I just took the Pluto test which lets you see how much Pluto influences you Natally. I got an 81. That’s apparently on the extreme high end. It really explains so much. Like the time in high school when one of my friend’s moms said I had “evil eyes” (not to my face, though—she was too chicken). My other friend’s mom said I was an “old soul.” Either of these descriptions can define the deeply Plutonian person. Take the test to see where you stand on the spectrum.

<![CDATA[Tarot: The Judgment Card]]>Tue, 11 Feb 2014 21:23:29 GMThttp://cupandtrineastrology.weebly.com/cup--trine-blog/tarot-the-judgment-cardI did a reading yesterday and got the Judgment card, which traditionally depicts the Resurrection. It shows us where our life will be renewed and new beginnings sprout up. Often, this card comes after a long bout of waiting and waiting and...boom, the new start you've been longing for is suddenly possible. Yay, Judgment card! The sunny yellow light at the end of the tunnel.]]><![CDATA[The Briar Patch: feeling at home with signs and planets]]>Mon, 03 Feb 2014 21:34:34 GMThttp://cupandtrineastrology.weebly.com/cup--trine-blog/the-briar-patch-feeling-at-home-with-signs-and-planets In a story originally taken from African American oral folklore called “The Tale of Mister Rabbit and Mister Fox,” the rabbit tricks the fox into letting him escape by pretending to be afraid of a briar patch. The fox sees the thorn-filled briar patch as a frightening place, and believes that the rabbit will be punished by going there. In truth, the rabbit was raised in the briar patch, and it bothers him not at all.

            The briar patch is an analogy for a place that may feel familiar and comfortable to the self, but can seem strange and foreboding to others. In astrology, the planets, signs, aspects, and houses that are highlighted in the natal chart are one’s own personal briar patch.

For example, Pluto is an often feared heavenly body. Named for the lord of the Underworld, it rules over something many people are most afraid of—change. Pluto has the power, for good or ill, to transform us, often without our consent.

In my chart, I have Venus in Scorpio (ruled by Pluto), moon in the eighth house (also Pluto), and Pluto conjunct my Sun, Ascendant, and Mercury, not to mention Plutonic aspects to Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune. Suffice it to say, I am at home with Plutonic matters.

Early in life, I learned that change happens whether you want it to or not, and decided to make myself an agent of that change, channeling my Plutonic energy into creating a life that I desired.

At the moment, I’m anticipating switching apartments.  Many of my friends—some with strong Cancer placements—feel great anxiety when they have to move houses, but not me. I love moving and change.

This is why advice from others must be weighed so carefully. They are coming, possibly, from a different briar patch. Pluto, or whatever other planet or sign’s energy may be prominent in one’s own chart, might be foreign and frightening to them. They may advise you against an option that you are perfectly suited for, but that would scare them to death.

Too often, a person discounts what comes to them easily, unaware that what they find to be so effortless causes no amount of struggle and strain for others. Oftentimes, this is because those in the person’s immediate circle don’t value the native’s qualities. If others don’t value what we have, we aren’t likely to value it either. Knowing where our propensities lie can help us find the proper market for our natural qualities, and thus a valuation.

After one has become aware of prominent chart energies, one can then interpret these energies for others. Perhaps some circumstance has sent a friend running through an unfamiliar patch of thorns. If that’s your briar patch, you can help them through these dark places, because you know the way, and they can do the same for you in turn.

This isn’t to say that after finding and valuing our most prominent energies we shouldn’t quest onward into the unknown. Life is, after all, about growth. It’s beneficial to find your personal briar patch so that you can use the strength inherent there for new endeavors. We can’t stay within the briar realm forever, but it’s always nice to know where home is.


<![CDATA[Venus and How We Love]]>Mon, 03 Feb 2014 14:25:46 GMThttp://cupandtrineastrology.weebly.com/cup--trine-blog/venus-and-how-we-love            As Valentine's day approaches, it behooves me to delve into our Venusian profiles and how we love.
People have different ways of loving, and differing needs in love. Often, a couple can be together, each trying their hardest to make the other feel cared for, but both end up feeling lonely. 

           One of them wonders why all of their efforts seem to fall on barren ground, unappreciated. The other thinks that what their partner is doing for them is all fine and good—maybe their lover is buying them presents or sending sweet text messages—yet these gestures are not what they need in order to feel that their partner loves them.

            The sign that Venus occupies indicates what it is that we individually require in order to believe that our passion is reciprocated. For instance, someone with Venus in Taurus, an earth sign, might need a more physical show of affection than other signs—sensual touches, hugs, and tokens of appreciation that can still be referenced when their loved one is absent.

            An air sign, such as Aquarius or Libra, would want a more intellectual approach to love—perhaps sharing ideas with their partner, being regaled with poetry, or even having a light, civilized debate, would be just the things to make them happy.

            A fire sign, such as Leo or Aries, would want to do activities with the partner. They’d require displays of passion and might even enjoy arguing with their significant other.

            A water sign like Scorpio or Cancer, would crave declarations of deep devotion and long for an all-consuming intimacy in which they could merge with their partner on a deep level.

            Once these varying differences are understood, letting another person know what exactly is needed in a relationship can result in each person getting their requirements met, and help each to more fully fathom the partner, as well.

            Of course, no person is purely one sign or element and, by studying the chart, the combination that is the key to our love nature will begin to emerge. The placement of Venus in the houses, it’s aspects to other planets, etc., must all be taken into account. As a starting point, however, a closer look at the sign placement of Venus can tell us a lot about the way we love and need to be loved.



<![CDATA[Progressions in Scorpio]]>Tue, 28 Jan 2014 21:01:29 GMThttp://cupandtrineastrology.weebly.com/cup--trine-blog/progressions-in-scorpio Progressions in Scorpio- My progressed Sun in Scorpio is presently conjunct my natal Venus in Scorpio in my (progressed Ascendant in Scorpio) first house. My progressed moon’s also in Scorpio, and I kinda can’t wait until it moves into Sagittarius this summer. A girl can only take so much Scorpio.

<![CDATA[Mars transit Uranus (continued)]]>Sat, 25 Jan 2014 22:49:22 GMThttp://cupandtrineastrology.weebly.com/cup--trine-blog/mars-transit-uranus-continued Transiting Mars conjunct Uranus, continued-So, how did I end up channeling my Mars/Uranus transit? I made an impulsive (Mars) electronics (Uranus) buy and became a Mac user. A very expensive way to express the transit, I’m aware. I suppose it wasn’t entirely impulsive—I’ve been planning on buying a MacBook for months, since there’s a program I need that’s only Mac compatible. But I finally bought it today, right as Mars and Uranus are conjunct, and didn’t realize the connection until after the fact. Somehow, this makes me feel like the universe wanted me to buy it . . . either that, or the universe wants me to be broke. My Saturn’s transiting the second house, so probably a little of both.

<![CDATA[Mars transit Uranus]]>Wed, 22 Jan 2014 17:28:22 GMThttp://cupandtrineastrology.weebly.com/cup--trine-blog/mars-transit-uranus Transiting Mars conjunct Uranus-With Uranus in my Natal first house, it is ever the silent passenger, waiting to freak me or other people out in some way. Mars has been inching up on my Uranus for a while and they bunk-up together this weekend. After that, Mars goes retrograde in March when it will back over my Uranus again, and then speed forward in May to run over Uranus one more time just to make sure the job’s been done.

I’m expecting . . . well, that’s just it. Uranus is the unexpected element and Mars the great catalyst. Atom bombs? Doubtful. Something immediate and unusual—or perhaps only a sudden epiphany. I’ll keep you posted (unless it’s an alien abduction, in which case probably not).

<![CDATA[Sun transiting Jupiter]]>Wed, 22 Jan 2014 17:09:43 GMThttp://cupandtrineastrology.weebly.com/cup--trine-blog/sun-transiting-jupiter Transiting Sun conjunct Jupiter- I really felt this one today as it hit my Jupiter spot on. I’ve been grumpy for over a week (lots of Capricorn energy/planets transiting through the fourth house will do that), but this morning woke up with a skip in my step. “You’re sure in a good mood,” my boyfriend observed. Wow, I actually am, I thought. Oh, right, Jupiter and the Sun!

A sunny, expansive outlook. Improved confidence. The glass is now half full. Walking on the sunny side of the metaphorical street. Look to the house and sign for further specifics.